Love your sofa?

Time to reupholster!

Re-Upholstery Services

Reupholstery Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland

Welcome to Revitalised® Upholstery, for Domestic & Commercial upholstery customers. We revitalise your furniture and furnishings – by reupholstering your sofas, couches, chairs, cushions and any other fibrous materials.

Why Re-Upholster Your Sofa?

If your treasured furniture is nearing the end of its useful life, we can restore it beautifully, bringing it back to its original state – if not better. With an enormous selection of colours, patterns, and material fabrics to choose from, there is no limit to your options! Renew to original or go wild with something completely different. The choice is yours!

Many people ask, why not just buy a new suite? The answer is simple, modern constructions often isn’t as good as old. So if you’re lucky enough to own a quality piece of old furniture that needs a refresh, then our Master Tradesmen are your solution.

So next time you’re contemplating replacing old ‘quality’ with new ‘cheap’, stop and contact Revitalised® Upholstery for a free, no obligation appointment in the comfort of your own home, and one of our upholsterers will visit you with our huge range of fabrics.

Call 0141 374 2684 for a FREE RE-UPHOLSTERY QUOTE for your home or office upholstery.

Revitalised Upholstery Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland

Our greatest satisfaction is seeing the results of our work – before and after. We’re not magicians, but after we’ve appeared, you’ll think we’ve conjured up everything new.

Why Revitalised?

Here are the key reasons our customers prefer Revitalised®:

  • We are an independent, Glasgow based company with decades of experience in upholstery work.
  • Many repairs can be performed in your home or place of work. More often we transport your furniture to our craftsman’s workshop, where we work without disruption to your home or office.
  • We can repair, or partially / completely rebuild your furniture. The choice is yours
  • We have a thousands of colours, patterns, and fabric materials to choose from
  • We offer free collection & delivery at a time that suits you

Revitalised® believe that service standards should extend to more than being good at your job; so we always go further:

  • We’re Disclosure Scotland certified, meaning you can trust us to work in your home.
  • We’re fully insured, which means in the event of a mishap, your items are fully covered.
  • We’re Clean Smart Certified, which means we’re fully qualified to work in your home.

Call 0141 374 2684 for a FREE RE-UPHOLSTERY QUOTE for your home or office upholstery.

Re-Covering Central Scotland

Love your sofa? Time to reupholster!

Bring life back to your favourite sofa.