Sofa Repadding

Revitalised® ensures that ‘not only does your sofa look great’, but it also ‘feels great’ too. We achieve this by assessing, and recommending where relevant, the introduction of new stuffing / padding.

Your sofa’s stuffing / padding makes an enormous difference in terms of your sofa’s – comfort, longevity and the overall shape. It defines the presence of your furniture.

All stuffing and padding replaced by Revitalised® is guaranteed to: –

– Be replaced only where necessary. We wont spring any surprise costs on you.
– Be the perfect selection for your sofa.
– Be fire-retardant and adhering to UK Safety Standards.
– Be layered in the correct positions throughout your sofa to deliver optimal shape & comfort.

Our Master Upholsterers are well versed at selecting and fitting the optimal stuffing / padding for your sofa, ensuring that your reupholstered furniture is completely revitalised.

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